होम News Jharkhand Introduce Sand Taxi Portal Innovative Solutions For Sand Crisis

Jharkhand Introduce Sand Taxi Portal Innovative Solutions For Sand Crisis


In response to the ongoing concerns over the scarcity and soaring prices of sand in Jharkhand, the Department of Mines and Geology has taken a groundbreaking step towards the future.

Introduction of Sand Taxi Portal in March 2024

Inspired by Telangana’s successful model, Jharkhand has decided to implement a “Sand Taxi Portal/App” in March 2024. This innovative portal allows registered tractor owners or operators to efficiently deliver sand orders from citizens or consumers to their specified destinations within 48 hours. While the initiation of this new system may take a bit more time, Secretary of Mines and Geology, Abubakar Siddhique, has shared details about the department’s preparations for its launch.

State Sand Mining Policy and Auction Process

Currently, Jharkhand is conducting the auction process for 351 sand ghats in accordance with the Jharkhand State Sand Mining Policy of 2017. The bidding process, managed by the Jharkhand State Mineral Development Corporation Limited through the Deputy Commissioner’s office, has already issued Letters of Intent (LOI) for 2016 sand ghats, with bids for 135 sand ghats still underway. The escalating price of available sand in Jharkhand has prompted significant challenges for residents, leading to an increased urgency for effective solutions.

Challenges Addressed in the Legislative Assembly

The sand issue has been a recurring topic in the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly. While the government had initially assured the resolution of the sand problem, the current struggle faced by people in regions where sand is scarce raises questions about the effectiveness of government initiatives. The upcoming implementation of the Sand Taxi Portal is eagerly awaited to observe how efficiently it addresses the concerns surrounding sand availability and pricing in the state. Stay tuned for more updates on this transformative development!

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