होम News Jharkhand Government Scholarships: Empowering Students for Global Education

Jharkhand Government Scholarships: Empowering Students for Global Education


In a remarkable stride towards fostering academic excellence and inclusivity, the Jharkhand government has extended scholarships to 25 exceptional students, enabling them to embark on master’s degree programs in esteemed universities across the United Kingdom and Ireland. These deserving scholars, hailing from diverse backgrounds, specifically from the Scheduled Tribe, Scheduled Caste, and Minority communities, were meticulously chosen based on their outstanding academic merit.

Jharkhand Government Scholarships: Empowering Students for Global Education

Named in honor of Marang Gomke Jaipal Singh Munda, an iconic figure and the pioneering tribal chief minister of Jharkhand, this scholarship initiative encompasses comprehensive coverage of all educational expenses. This encompassing support includes tuition fees, lodging expenses, and travel costs, ensuring that the scholars’ focus remains unswervingly dedicated to their educational pursuits. The fortunate recipients of this scholarship are granted the autonomy to select the university of their choice from the esteemed institutions in the UK and Ireland, where they have been offered admission. (Jharkhand Government Scholarships)

Jharkhand Government Scholarships: Empowering Students for Global Education

These scholarships not only unlock remarkable educational opportunities for the recipients but also represent a tangible commitment by the Jharkhand government to fostering accessibility and parity in education. This initiative directly aligns with the government’s resolute dedication to eradicating disparities based on caste or religion and is a pivotal stride toward creating an egalitarian and just society.

For the selected scholars, this scholarship is a gateway to a world-class education that may have otherwise been unattainable. It equips them with the tools and knowledge to contribute meaningfully to the progress and development of Jharkhand upon their return, thus fostering a virtuous cycle of growth and empowerment.

The deserving beneficiaries of this scholarship program are as follows:

Scheduled Tribe:

  • Kamal Shashwat
  • Jyoti Vandana Lakra
  • Ayush Stephen Toppo
  • Mary Smriti Kujur
  • Mangu Purti
  • Praful Kiran Kerketta
  • J Neetu Soren
  • H Singh Munda
  • Madhumita Munda
  • Stuti Horo

Scheduled Caste:

  • Nirbhay Prakash
  • Shravan Kumar
  • Om Prakash Kumar
  • Nidhi Baghwar
  • Akshay Kumar

Backward Class:

  • Abhishek Kumar
  • Manish Kumar
  • Suraj Kumar Modi
  • Apostle Raj
  • Jishan Alam
  • Kumar Pritam Puri
  • Mallika Mahto


  • Hasan Ali Banna
  • Mohd. Zeeshan Ahmed
  • Faizan Ali

The culmination of this momentous journey will see the scholars being officially conferred with their certificates by Chief Minister Hemant Soren on August 11th. Their educational expedition is poised to commence in the UK and Ireland, with their commencement of studies anticipated in September 2023.

This visionary scholarship initiative underscores the state’s unyielding commitment to nurturing talent, empowering aspirations, and cultivating a more enlightened, equitable, and prosperous society.”

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