होम News Hemant Soren’s Government Launches ‘Your Plan, Your Government, Your Door’ Program

Hemant Soren’s Government Launches ‘Your Plan, Your Government, Your Door’ Program


As Hemant Soren’s government completes four years in Jharkhand on December 29, various programs are set to unfold across the state in celebration. In Nawadiha Block, the ‘Your Plan, Your Government, Your Door’ program, initially scheduled to commence on November 15, has witnessed a change in dates due to festive reasons. Now, the program is rescheduled to kick off on November 24 across various panchayats in Nawadiha Block.

To ensure the success of the program, District Development Officer Prashant Kumar Hembrom has issued directives to the BDO of Nawadiha, emphasizing widespread publicity and promotion.

Program Schedule:

The newly issued orders indicate that the program will be conducted on the following dates and locations:

Program Schedule:

November 24Mungorangamaty
November 25Pokhariya
November 28Penk
November 29Goniato
November 30Narayanpur
December 2Kacho
December 4Kanjakiro
December 5Palamu
December 6Bari
December 7Kharpito
December 8Potoso
December 9Surhi
December 11Ahardih
December 12Nawadiha
December 14Bhalmar
December 15Chapari
December 16Birni
December 18Chirudih
December 19Sahariya
December 20Bhendra
December 21Baradih
December 22Parsabani
December 23Dahiari
December 26Gunjardiha

Mark your calendar for these dates as the program unfolds across various locations in Nawadiha, fostering community engagement and collaborative governance.

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