होम News “Empowering Journalism: Jharkhand Chief Minister Assures Pension Benefits for Journalists”

“Empowering Journalism: Jharkhand Chief Minister Assures Pension Benefits for Journalists”



In a significant move, Chief Minister Hemant Soren has expressed his commitment to extend pension benefits to journalists in Jharkhand under the state’s journalist pension scheme. The Chief Minister emphasized his dedication to implementing this scheme and assured that a notification would be issued promptly. Recognizing the pivotal role journalists play in society, he emphasized the importance of honoring their contribution and ensuring they receive the respect and recognition they deserve. Furthermore, the Chief Minister pledged unwavering support to journalists and media houses across the state, emphasizing the government’s commitment to bolstering the journalism profession.

Implementation of Journalist Pension Scheme

Chief Minister Hemant Soren’s assurance of extending pension benefits to journalists underscores the government’s recognition of their invaluable service. The journalist pension scheme aims to provide financial security and stability to journalists who have devoted their careers to reporting news and providing crucial insights to the public. By implementing this scheme, the government is reinforcing its commitment to supporting and acknowledging the contributions of journalists in Jharkhand.

Timely Notification

To ensure swift implementation of the journalist pension scheme, Chief Minister Hemant Soren has promised to issue a notification in the near future. This step highlights the government’s proactive approach and determination to prioritize the welfare of journalists. The timely notification will provide clarity and enable eligible journalists to avail themselves of the pension benefits, fostering a sense of security and appreciation for their dedication and tireless work.

Recognition of Journalists’ Role

Chief Minister Hemant Soren acknowledged the indispensable role journalists play in society. Their commitment to uncovering the truth, reporting facts, and raising critical issues contributes to the functioning of a robust democracy. By extending pension benefits, the government acknowledges the challenges and sacrifices journalists face in their pursuit of truth and amplifies their role as catalysts for positive change and progress.

Support for Journalists and Media Houses

The Jharkhand government, under Chief Minister Hemant Soren’s leadership, is committed to providing comprehensive support to journalists and media houses. Recognizing the vital role they play in disseminating information, the government aims to create an enabling environment for journalism to thrive. By extending financial assistance, fostering professional development opportunities, and ensuring the freedom to perform their duties without hindrance, the government strives to strengthen the journalism profession and safeguard press freedom.


Chief Minister Hemant Soren’s announcement to extend pension benefits to journalists in Jharkhand demonstrates the government’s commitment to recognizing their valuable contributions. This move highlights the government’s proactive stance in supporting journalists and upholding their vital role in society. With the upcoming notification, eligible journalists will soon have access to pension benefits, providing them with financial security and a sense of appreciation for their dedication. The government’s unwavering support for journalists and media houses further underlines its commitment to fostering a vibrant and thriving journalism landscape in Jharkhand

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