होम Tourism Bhim Chulha: A Historical Picnic Spot in Palamu

Bhim Chulha: A Historical Picnic Spot in Palamu


Nestled in the heart of Palamu, Bhim Chulha stands as a testament to both historical significance and modern-day charm. Over the past few years, this place has seen a transformation, attracting visitors from far and wide. Let’s explore the unique features, recent developments, and the impact of Bhim Chulha on the local community.


Bhim Chulha, named after the mighty Bhima from the Mahabharata, holds a special place in the hearts of locals and history enthusiasts alike. Legend has it that during their 14-year exile, the Pandavas, including Bhima, resided in this region, and Bhima used the chulha (stove) for cooking. This historical connection has given the place its name and significance.

Bhim Chulha: A Historical Picnic Spot in Palamu

Bhim Chulha’s Unique Features

As you approach Bhim Chulha, you’re greeted by the sight of footprints on the stones believed to be those of the Pandavas and Mata Kunti. This intriguing feature attracts curious onlookers from distant places. In response to the growing interest, the district administration has taken steps to enhance the site, including the creation of statues depicting the Pandavas and Kunti.


Bhim Chulha: A Historical Picnic Spot in Palamu

Development Efforts

In recent years, Bhim Chulha has undergone significant development. The district administration has been proactive in preserving the footprints on the stones, ensuring their protection with glass frames. Additionally, a large cooking pot has been strategically placed, adding to the historical ambiance. The surrounding area has been beautified with the addition of various plants and landscaping efforts.

Picnic Spot Transformation

What was once a historical site has now transformed into a popular picnic spot. The footfall of tourists has increased, bringing life to the area. Visitors can engage in various activities, from capturing selfies near the ancient footprints to enjoying the panoramic views from the nearby tower. The Bhim Barrage, with its flowing water, adds to the charm, making it an ideal picnic destination.

Bhim Chulha and Surroundings

Adjacent to Bhim Chulha stands an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, adding a spiritual element to the site. The tower, constructed to provide breathtaking views of the Bhim Barrage and surrounding valleys, has become a favorite spot for visitors. The Bhim Barrage itself, with its flowing water and scenic surroundings, adds to the allure of the place.

Pujari’s Insights

the pujari of the Shiva temple, sheds light on the spiritual importance of Bhim Chulha. He emphasizes that the footprints on the stones have a deep connection to the Mahabharata era, attracting devotees and history enthusiasts alike. The recent developments have also led to an increased interest in the spiritual significance of the site.

Local Perspective

The rise in tourism at Bhim Chulha has not only made it a cultural and historical hub but has also brought economic benefits to the local community. Subham Kumar, a local resident, notes the positive impact on employment opportunities. The increased footfall has led to the rise of local businesses catering to the needs of tourists.

Rise in Tourism

The picturesque landscape surrounding Bhim Chulha has made it a popular destination for picnickers. The blend of history, spirituality, and natural beauty attracts visitors in large numbers. Local entrepreneurs have seized the opportunity, providing services that enhance the overall experience for tourists. Bhim Chulha has become more than just a historical site; it is now a vibrant and thriving tourist destination.

Picnicking at Bhim Chulha

Locals and tourists alike have embraced Bhim Chulha as an ideal spot for picnics. The availability of water from the Bhim Barrage makes it an excellent location for family outings. The blend of cultural significance and scenic beauty creates a unique atmosphere, making it a favorite among those seeking a peaceful yet culturally rich environment for their picnics.


In conclusion, Bhim Chulha stands as a bridge between history and modernity, spirituality and tourism. Its transformation from a historical site to a thriving tourist destination is a testament to the efforts of the district administration and the appreciation of visitors. As we continue to cherish the footprints of the Pandavas, let us also appreciate the efforts to preserve, enhance, and share the cultural richness of Bhim Chulha with generations to come.


  1. Is Bhim Chulha only significant for its historical connections?
    • No, besides its historical importance, Bhim Chulha has transformed into a popular picnic spot with scenic views and cultural significance.
  2. What initiatives has the district administration taken to enhance Bhim Chulha?
    • The district administration has preserved footprints, added statues, placed a large cooking pot, and beautified the surroundings with landscaping.
  3. How has the rise in tourism impacted the local community?
  4. Can visitors still see the footprints on the stones at Bhim Chulha?
    • Yes, the footprints are preserved and protected with glass frames for visitors to see.
  5. Is Bhim Chulha suitable for picnics?
    • Absolutely, with its
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