होम News Tackling Drug-Related Issues in Jharkhand

Tackling Drug-Related Issues in Jharkhand


Jharkhand is emerging as a hub for substance abuse, raising alarms about potential dangers Issues in Jharkhand .The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has issued several stern directives, addressing the current situation of major narcotics mafias and providing specific instructions to senior police officials for identifying their kingpins. Additionally, a list of professional drug traffickers has been compiled, prompting action under the Goonda Act against them. The CID has also compiled data for the past 5 years, sharing it with all districts.

Chatarpur district bears the brunt of substance abuse, often referred to as the “narcotics hub” of Jharkhand. Large-scale cultivation of narcotics takes place here, contributing to the supply of illicit substances to other states. Chatarpur is known for having the highest number of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) cases in the past 5 years, accounting for over 21% of such cases in the state. Ranchi district follows closely, with significant opium cultivation and active involvement of narcotics traders.

Over the last 5 years, Jharkhand has recorded a total of 2,386 NDPS cases. Notably, Chatarpur district tops the list with 506 cases, followed by Ranchi with 278 cases, Jamshedpur with 255 cases, Khunti with 249 cases, Hazaribagh with 179 cases, Saraikela with 128 cases, Gumla with 126 cases, Palamu with 90 cases, Latehar with 66 cases, Chaibasa with 62 cases, and Jamtara with the lowest at 6 cases.

Frequently, drug-related arrests are made, but gathering information about the specific narcotic substance poses challenges for the police. To address this, the top 20 police stations, where the highest number of drug cases are registered, are being equipped with testing kits.

Jharkhand, grappling with the rise in drug-related issues, is now taking proactive measures to curb the menace and enhance law enforcement capabilities.

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