होम Sports Indian Women’s Hockey: Missed Chances Paris Olympics Dreams

Indian Women’s Hockey: Missed Chances Paris Olympics Dreams


As the final hooter sounded, India’s goalkeeper Savita Punia and the rest of the team faced a crushing defeat against Japan in the FIH Women’s Hockey Olympic Qualifiers in Ranchi. The loss meant the Indian women’s hockey team will not be participating in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Missed Opportunities: Despite a plethora of nine penalty corners, India couldn’t convert, while Japan secured the one goal that mattered in the sixth minute. The dreams of earning a spot in Paris slipped away in a high-pressure, must-win contest.

Silent Reflection: After the match, the players, teary-eyed and disheartened, sat in silence on the dugout benches, contemplating the missed chances and the reality of not qualifying for the Olympics.

Coach’s Reflection: Head coach Janneke Schopman and her staff gathered the players for a quieter post-game huddle, contrasting the animated chants before the match. The disappointment echoed in fewer words, emphasizing the stark contrast to their fourth-place finish at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

Captain’s Emotions: Savita, the captain, expressed the difficulty of accepting the outcome, stating, “I didn’t think that our team did not deserve to go to the Olympics.”

Missed Opportunities Against Japan: Despite dominating the game after conceding the initial goal, India failed to score. Schopman highlighted, “We dominated the game after 1-0. But you need to score a goal. And we didn’t.”

Pressure at Home Matches: Former India goalkeeper and Japan head coach, Jude Menezes, acknowledged the added pressure of playing a must-win game at home. Japan capitalized on this pressure, executing their game plan efficiently.

Efficient Japanese Defense: Japan’s defensive strategy, especially in penalty corner situations, proved effective. India’s numerous opportunities, including four penalty corners in the third quarter, went unrewarded as Japan’s goalkeeper Eika Nakamura made exceptional saves.

Future Uncertainty: The disappointment leaves a long-lasting impact, as the Indian women’s hockey team will miss the Olympic stage in Paris. Coach Schopman’s contract runs until the Paris Games, but uncertainty looms about her continued role.

Hockey India President’s Support: Hockey India president Dilip Tirkey expressed satisfaction with the team’s performance under Coach Schopman. He emphasized that the coach couldn’t be solely blamed for the tournament’s outcome, citing missed opportunities, especially in penalty corners.

Sad Reality: While acknowledging the team’s strong performance, Tirkey lamented the missed chance for the women’s team to play at the Olympics, especially after qualifying for the past two Games. The disappointment will linger, considering the team’s aspirations to be part of the global sports spectacle.

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