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PM Schools for Rising India (PM SHRI)


Prime Minister’s School Scheme: Empowering Students for Global Education

The Central Government’s Prime Minister’s School Scheme is paving the way for aspiring students to pursue higher education abroad with financial assistance. Under this initiative, the government covers 60 percent of the total study costs, while the remaining 40 percent is the responsibility of the students, who may arrange it themselves or through scholarships.(PM Schools for Rising India)

Key Highlights:

  • The Ministry of Education reports a substantial influx of applicants into the scheme, with over 8,000 students applying nationwide, including 2,000 from Jharkhand.
  • The program extends its support to graduates and postgraduates aspiring to study in foreign universities that rank among the top 100 globally.

Promoting Excellence and National Contribution

The Prime Minister’s School Scheme embodies the government’s commitment to fostering excellence and innovation in education. It seeks to cultivate a talented and skilled workforce capable of making significant contributions to the country’s development. Additionally, the program encourages students to return to India after completing their studies, further enhancing the nation’s growth prospects.

Diverse Fields of Study

This scheme is a gateway to a wide array of academic disciplines, including engineering, management, law, medicine, social sciences, arts, and humanities. To apply, students must utilize the official portal of the scheme, where they submit their academic records, test scores, admission letters, and other pertinent documents. An expert committee meticulously screens and shortlists the applications, with the final selections based on merit and potential.

The Prime Minister’s School Scheme is not merely a financial assistance program but a platform for nurturing India’s future leaders and global contributors. Stay tuned for more updates on this transformative initiative that empowers the dreams of countless students across the nation.

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