होम News Maoist Bombing Halts Train Services in Jharkhand: Impact on Howrah-Mumbai Rail Route

Maoist Bombing Halts Train Services in Jharkhand: Impact on Howrah-Mumbai Rail Route


Maoist Bombing Halts

In Jharkhand, Maoists bombed a railway line, stopping several trains On Thursday night, around 11 PM, Maoist Naxalites from the Bhakpa faction exploded a bomb between the Goilkera and Posaita stations in Jharkhand, causing damage to the railway tracks. Following the incident, train operations on the Howrah-Mumbai main rail route came to a halt. As a precautionary measure, the movement of train number 18030 Shalimar-Kurla Express was stopped at Goilkera station. The halt in train services is causing a lot of inconvenience to passengers.

Explosion damages railway tracks It should be noted that the banned Naxalite organization, Bhakpa Maoists, had called for a Bharat Bandh (India Shutdown) on December 22. As soon as the shutdown began, Naxalites exploded a bomb on the third line between Goilkera and Posaita railway stations of Chakradharpur Rail Mandal, disrupting rail traffic.

Train operations disrupted on the route The incident site has been cordoned off with banners and posters. Information about the incident was relayed to the nearby station by the crew and guard of a goods train passing through the second line. Subsequently, there was a commotion in the Chakradharpur Rail Mandal. As a precautionary measure, train operations on the route were immediately suspended.

What do railway officials say Confirming the incident, Senior Divisional Commercial Manager Gajraj Singh stated that as a precaution, train operations across the entire rail division were halted after the incident. A security team has been dispatched to the scene. After inspecting the railway tracks, train operations will be restored. Meanwhile, District Magistrate AJ Rathore reported at 4:19 AM that train services have not yet resumed. The Railways have also canceled the Chakradharpur-Rourkela-Saranda Passenger Special.

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