होम News A Warm Welcome for Amrit Bharat Express in Jharkhand

A Warm Welcome for Amrit Bharat Express in Jharkhand


In a delightful start to the New Year, Jharkhand residents are in for a treat as the state gears up to host a Civic Welcome Ceremony for the 13434 Down Malda Town-Bengaluru Amrit Bharat Express. Scheduled on January 14th during the train’s halt, the event will feature Rail State Minister Rao Sahab Danve Patil and former Chief Minister of Jharkhand and BJP State President Babulal Marandi.

Event Preparation:

The preparations for this event have been meticulously overseen by former railway assistant engineer Vishwanath Mandal, regional officer Ramgarh Dilip Kumar Chauhan, traffic inspector Jyotirmayi Saha, assistant mechanical engineer Abhishek Ranjan, senior section engineer (operations) Ramgarh Mukesh Kumar, and BJP District Vice-President for Eastern Zone Railway Passengers Association Haldia Division, Hisabi Rai. The joint inspection of the event venue at Pakur Railway Station was carried out by secretary Rana Shukla.

Amrit Bharat Express Ceremony:

On January 14th, Rail State Minister and former Chief Minister will kick off the ceremony by unfurling the green flag on Amrit Bharat Express at Platform No. 2. The railway administration has extended invitations to the city’s esteemed citizens for this occasion, ensuring seating arrangements at Platform No. 2. The entire event will be closely monitored to ensure the safety of all attendees.

Special Guests:

Esteemed guests present at the occasion included ERMU President Akhilesh Kumar Chaube, Secretary Sanjay Kumar Ojha, Sushil Saha, and various railway officials. The security measures have been given special attention to avoid any unforeseen incidents considering the number of guests present. The event promises a joyful start to the year, blending railway enthusiasm with civic celebration.

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