होम News Jharkhand’s Pioneer Gir Cow Farm: A Dairy Revolution

Jharkhand’s Pioneer Gir Cow Farm: A Dairy Revolution


Jharkhand is preparing to launch its first-ever Gir cow farm at the Dairy Directorate in Ranchi, a historic initiative. In addition to supporting organic farming and dairy production in the state, this large-scale project will serve as a vital hub for training and research.

The Gir Cow Advantage:

Native to India, Gir cows are known for their high milk production and resilient resistance to illness. The state of Jharkhand has chosen to import 50 Gir cows from Gujarat, realizing the breed’s potential and guaranteeing the introduction of superior genetic traits into the state’s dairy industry.

Encouraging Organic Farming and Raising the Bar for Dairy Production: The main goal of this project is to encourage organic farming methods and raise the bar for dairy production in Jharkhand. It is anticipated that the introduction of Gir cows will improve both the quality and quantity of milk produced, bolstering the agricultural and economic growth of the state.

A Center for Education and Research: 

The Gir cow farm will serve as a vibrant hub for education and research in addition to its role in dairy production. Both farmers and students will have the chance to learn about the nuances of Gir cow rearing and the many advantages it offers. This educational component has the potential to empower people and create a community of knowledgeable dairy farmers.

Financial Support and Scope:

 With an estimated cost of Rs 10 crore, the ambitious project has substantial financial backing, demonstrating the state’s commitment to modernizing its agricultural practices. The National Dairy Development Board and the state government will work together to provide funding for the project. Chief Minister Hemant Soren will perform the inauguration. The Gir cow farm is expected to open on December 15, 2023, and there is much anticipation for it. It is anticipated that Chief Minister Hemant Soren will preside over the event, which will be a turning point in the state’s transition to progressive and sustainable dairy farming.

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