होम News Jharkhand’s Mid-Day Meals Get Healthier with Madua Dishes

Jharkhand’s Mid-Day Meals Get Healthier with Madua Dishes


In a bid to enhance the nutritional content of the mid-day meal scheme, the Jharkhand government has announced the inclusion of madua (ragi) dishes in government schools. Starting every Wednesday, children will be offered either madua halwa or laddu, alongside their regular mid-day meal. This initiative, introduced by the Jharkhand Mid-day Meal Authority, aims to boost the health and well-being of school children.Jharkhand’s Mid-Day Meals

  • Nutrient-Rich Addition: Madua, a millet variety rich in calcium, iron, and vitamin D, has been chosen for its high nutritional value, making it an ideal addition to children’s meals.
  • Variety and Choice: Children will have the freedom to choose between madua halwa and laddu, a decision facilitated by a designated committee within each school.
  • Implementation Details: The authority has earmarked Rs. 9.72 crore for this initiative, ensuring proper training for cooks and providing precise recipes. For classes 1 to 5, 80 grams of madua flour will be used per child per meal, while for classes 6 to 8, the quantity will be 120 grams.
  • Flexible Serving: In case Wednesday coincides with a holiday, the madua dish will be served on the following working day. Monthly and quarterly reports on the scheme’s implementation are mandatory for all districts.
  • Scale of Impact: Approximately 29 lakh children studying in government primary and middle schools, aided schools, recognized madrasas, Sanskrit schools, and special training centers across Jharkhand are expected to benefit from this initiative.
  • Centrally Sponsored Program: The mid-day meal scheme, a joint venture between the central and state governments, ensures a nutritious meal for schoolchildren. The expenditure split stands at a ratio of 60:40 for cooking costs and honorarium, with the central government covering food grains and transportation expenses.
Jharkhand's Mid-Day Meals Get Healthier with Madua Dishes

This progressive move not only enriches the mid-day meal offerings but also promotes the health and vitality of young learners in Jharkhand. Stay tuned for updates as this initiative transforms the school nutrition landscape in the state.

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