होम News Jharkhand’s First CID Station Inaugurated in Ranchi

Jharkhand’s First CID Station Inaugurated in Ranchi


Jharkhand Welcomes Its First and Only CID Station, Inaugurated by DGP Anurag Gupta

In a significant development, Jharkhand has now inaugurated its first ever Crime Investigation Department (CID) station. The inauguration ceremony was conducted by Director General of Police, Anurag Gupta, in an official and ceremonial manner.

What sets this CID station apart is its jurisdiction – it has the authority to register cases from any district in the state. This expansion of jurisdiction ensures that cases from across the state can be filed and investigated at this central hub.

Furthermore, the CID will now have the ability to take over investigations of cases, allowing them to centralize and streamline their efforts. This move aims to enhance efficiency and coordination among different investigations undertaken by the CID.

The establishment of this CID station marks a significant step towards bolstering the state’s law enforcement capabilities. With a widened scope and the centralization of investigations, the CID is poised to play a more effective role in tackling crime across Jharkhand.

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