होम News Jharkhand’s Education Revolution: Digitalizing Independent Institutions

Jharkhand’s Education Revolution: Digitalizing Independent Institutions


In a groundbreaking decision, the Hemant Soren-led government in Jharkhand has undertaken a significant initiative concerning financially independent educational institutions. Under this initiative, the government will create a comprehensive database for schools, colleges, and madrasas associated with these financially independent institutions. The database will be accessible online, managed through a dedicated portal established by the Department of Education.Jharkhand’s Education Revolution

This proactive step involves the digitalization of these institutions, ensuring their connection to a centralized database accessible online. The entire database of financially independent institutions will be available in digital format.

Moreover, all processes related to establishment permits, approvals, accreditations, and grants will now be conducted online, marking a pioneering move by the Department of Education. The Directorate of Secondary Education, following the department’s directives, invites expressions of interest for the creation, operation, and maintenance of this online portal.

This initiative not only encompasses the digital documentation of institutions’ physical assets, including land and properties, but also tracks the grants allocated over the past three years, student enrolment figures, matriculation and intermediate examination results, and the number of teachers employed. All this information will be available online, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

In addition to this, each institution will be assigned a unique identification number (Unit ID) for tracking and monitoring purposes, enhancing accountability and governance. Most significantly, the operation of the Management Information System (MIS) portal will curb fraudulent activities and irregularities in these institutions, ensuring a transparent and accountable educational system in the state.

The online portal’s operation will enable authorities to promptly address irregularities, discrepancies, and complaints, creating a robust framework for financial oversight. By integrating technology, the Jharkhand government aims to transform the educational sector, making it more accountable, efficient, and responsive to the needs of both institutions and students. This transformative step represents a pivotal moment in the state’s educational landscape, emphasizing the government’s commitment to quality education and financial transparency.

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