होम News Revenue Doubles in Some Districts of Jharkhand

Revenue Doubles in Some Districts of Jharkhand


Jharkhand has seen increase in revenue from mining and mines, with the government now earning over billions for the first time. While the state’s treasury is certainly full, the most important aspect is that revenue collection has increased significantly in areas where the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has been consistently conducting camps and closely monitoring financial transactions.

Revenue Doubles in Some Districts In the districts where revenue used to be minimal, there has been a revenue increase of up to two times compared to the target. Across various districts of Jharkhand, revenue collection from different types of mines has exceeded Rs. 500 crores more than the previous year.

In some districts, this figure has almost doubled. In several other districts, regular collections have also contributed to the better performance of Jharkhand. The total revenue collection in districts like Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Latehar, and Chatra has remained between 36-60 percent compared to the target.

This Fiscal Year One of the significant achievements this fiscal year has been the better performance by half of the state’s districts compared to their set targets. Although the figures may not show a substantial improvement compared to previous years, the percentage is much better.

Where There’s No Oversight, Conditions Deteriorate In many districts of Jharkhand where there has been no monitoring of mining processes and mineral transportation, a significant decline in revenue has been recorded. This has also occurred in districts where record revenue was obtained in previous years.

In Ramgarh this year, there has been a decrease of a significant 68 percent in revenue, compared to the previous financial year. Surprisingly, the district has seen less revenue collection than in the previous fiscal year.

Dhanbad and Chaibasa See Reduced Revenue Dhanbad, famous for its coal production, plays a crucial role in the state’s development. While Dhanbad has a renowned name in coal production across the country, this year it has recorded lower revenue than expected. Similarly, Chaibasa, famous for iron ore, has also contributed less revenue to the state.

For more information, the figures for the financial year 2023-24 can be seen below:

District Name – Target, Total Collection, Percentage

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