होम News Gandey Assembly By-Election: Nomination of Kalpana Soren

Gandey Assembly By-Election: Nomination of Kalpana Soren


Kalpana Soren, the spouse of former CM Hemant Soren, as the Indian National Congress’s candidate for the Gandey Assembly by-election. The meeting briefed party workers about the candidate’s nomination and the upcoming assembly meeting to be held by CM Champai Soren on this occasion. Several tips for winning the election were also provided.

During the meeting, Rajya Sabha member Sarfaraz Ahmad urged party workers to ensure maximum voter turnout in their favor and provided several tips for winning the election. He emphasized the need to focus efforts on increasing votes in areas where the party has strong support and to strengthen efforts even in weaker areas to avoid any shortcomings.

He also instructed the workers on which strategy to follow, emphasizing that the same strategy has been successful in winning elections before. He stressed the importance of party workers being fully prepared at polling booths.

According to Jamtara District President Sanjay Singh, Kalpana Soren will file her nomination on April 29. For this, she will arrive in Giridih by air on April 28. She will stay overnight in Giridih. Chief Minister Champai Soren will also be present during her nomination. The CM will arrive in Giridih by air on April 29. After the nomination, there will be a meeting of the CM at the Paparwatan Football Ground.

The meeting was attended by several workers from Gandey, Giridih, and Bengabad blocks, including District Secretary Mahalal Soren, Ajit Kumar Pappu, Shahnavaz Ansari, Dilip Mandal, and Babli Marandi.

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