होम News Financial Aid for Jharkhand Farmers: Crop Relief

Financial Aid for Jharkhand Farmers: Crop Relief


Great news for farmers in Jharkhand! The state government has formulated a plan to provide assistance to farmers for crop damage due to disasters. Under this scheme, farmers will receive financial aid of up to Rs. 4,000 per acre of damaged crops.

The Agriculture Department has urged all farmers in the state, aged 18 years and above, to apply online for the Kharif crop by October 15th. Farmers can submit their applications either individually or through the Pragya Kendra. Pre-registered farmers will need to pay a fee of Rs. 10 during the application process, while new applicants will need to pay Rs. 40.

Financial support of up to Rs. 3,000 per acre will be provided to applicants who have incurred crop losses ranging from 30% to 50%. The maximum aid of Rs. 5,000 per acre will be given for extensive crop damage caused by natural disasters.

Farmers are required to complete the online registration for each crop season, both Kharif and Rabi. There is no premium to be paid by the farmers for participating in this scheme.

The assessment and determination of crop damage due to natural disasters will be based on crop cutting experiments. To be eligible for this scheme, farmers must possess valid documents related to agricultural land, receipts, and land records from the Revenue Department.

Sharecroppers must possess a consent letter from the landowner. Registration will be done for a minimum of 10 decimals (0.1 acre) and a maximum of 5 acres. Participation in this scheme is optional for farmers, and during the application process, they will need to verify their Aadhaar number using the biometric system.

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