होम News CCL Achieves Record Growth in Coal Production

CCL Achieves Record Growth in Coal Production


Central Coalfields Limited (CCL) Achieves Record Growth in Coal Production


Central Coalfields Limited (CCL), a subsidiary of Coal India Limited (CIL), has marked a remarkable achievement in coal production, setting new records for the industry. In April 2021, CCL showcased its prowess by producing 4.84 million tonnes of coal, surpassing the previous year’s production by a staggering 112 percent. This monumental achievement reflects CCL’s commitment to contributing significantly to India’s coal production goals.(CCL Achieves)

A Closer Look at CCL’s Achievement:

In April 2020, CCL produced 2.28 million tonnes of coal, but within a year, this figure soared to an astounding 4.84 million tonnes in April 2021. Such exponential growth highlights the company’s dedication and capacity to meet the ever-increasing demand for coal in the nation.

Not only did CCL excel in production, but it also demonstrated exceptional performance in coal offtake. In April 2021, the company recorded a remarkable 122 percent increase in coal offtake, reaching a total of 6.56 million tonnes, compared to 2.96 million tonnes in the same month the previous year.

CCL’s Role in India’s Coal Production Landscape:

Central Coalfields Limited is a significant player in India’s coal production sector, operating in eight districts of Jharkhand. The company aligns its operations with the national objective of boosting coal production and reducing coal imports, contributing significantly to India’s energy self-sufficiency.

According to the Ministry of Coal, India achieved a historic milestone by producing 892 million tonnes of coal in the fiscal year 2022-23, marking a remarkable growth rate of 14.77 percent compared to 2021-22 when 778 million tonnes were produced. CIL and its subsidiaries, including CCL, played a pivotal role by accounting for 703.20 million tonnes of coal production in 2022-23, registering a notable growth of 12.94 percent from the previous fiscal year.

CCL’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic:

In addition to its stellar performance in coal production, CCL has stepped up during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The company is providing free treatment to affected individuals at its hospitals, collaborating closely with district administrations. CCL’s Chairman and Managing Director, PM Prasad, has urged officials to work in tandem with the state government and diligently follow COVID-appropriate behavior, including social distancing, mask-wearing, and vaccination.


Central Coalfields Limited’s outstanding achievements in coal production are not only commendable but also vital for India’s energy security and economic growth. As the company continues to excel and adapt to changing circumstances, its contributions remain integral to India’s coal industry and its battle against the ongoing pandemic. CCL’s dedication serves as a testament to its commitment to meeting the nation’s energy needs while prioritizing public health and safety.

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