होम Tourism Tanginath Dham: Jharkhand’s Enigmatic Spiritual Haven

Tanginath Dham: Jharkhand’s Enigmatic Spiritual Haven


Jharkhand, renowned worldwide for its tourism and religious sites, hosts an extraordinary place deeply connected to ancient Hindu mythology. Tanginath Dham, situated approximately 75 kilometers away from Gumla city, amidst dense forests, is considered the sacred abode of Lord Parashurama.

Tanginath, nestled in Dumri block, Gumla district, stands as a silent witness to centuries of architectural marvels, dating back from ancient to medieval times. Despite its historical richness, it has remained largely unnoticed by India’s archaeological community. This site, known as SHIVASTHALI, holds immense archaeological importance, making it a compelling subject for in-depth research.

Famous for its remarkable rustproof iron Trishool, Tanginath has a distinct allure. Located approximately 50 kilometers away from Gumla headquarters and 8 kilometers from Dumri, reaching Tanginath isn’t a straightforward journey. The path becomes challenging post-Dumri, with numerous brooks and waterways posing obstacles, especially during the rainy season. However, the adventure is worth it.

Perched atop a 300-foot hill, Tanginath offers a panoramic view of its surroundings. While the rainy season might complicate the journey, the site becomes easily accessible afterward. For a convenient visit, traveling by private vehicle is advisable. During Mahashivaratri, special buses ply from Gumla to Tanginath, emphasizing its religious importance.

Tanginath isn’t just a place of religious significance; it’s a historical treasure trove. The annals of Nagvanshi kings of Chhotanagpur, Ruxelvanshi kings of Surguja, and the Barwe kingdom have been etched into its stones. Spanning an area of approximately 10,000 square meters, Tanginath hosts stone images of deities like Lord Vishnu, Surya, Luxmi, and Bhawani. Countless Shivlingas adorn the site, with some still awaiting identification, speculated by some as Lord Buddha’s relics.

The main temple of Lord Shiva, the buried Trishool, the Sun Temple, and the Surya Kund are magnetic attractions, drawing history enthusiasts and religious devotees alike. Tanginath is a testament to India’s rich cultural tapestry, inviting explorers to unearth its mysteries and delve into the deep roots of spirituality and history

Tanginath Dham: Jharkhand's Enigmatic Spiritual Haven

The Sacred Farsa: An Enigma

In the local dialect of Jharkhand, a farsa is called ‘tangi,’ hence the name Tanginath Dham. What sets this place apart is the unique shape of the farsa, resembling a trident. Devotees flock here in large numbers to worship this extraordinary farsa. Remarkably, no matter how hard the farsa is embedded in the ground, it never rusts, unaffected by the sun, shade, or even rain.

Ancient Temples and Divine Sculptures

The ancient temple of Tanginath Dham, although now transformed into ruins, still houses ancient Shiva lingams scattered throughout the hill. During the month of Sawan (July-August), the importance of this site escalates, drawing devotees from far and wide. The place is adorned with meticulously carved stone idols of various deities, adding to its spiritual allure.

Tanginath Dham: Jharkhand's Enigmatic Spiritual Haven

A Sacred Pilgrimage

Tanginath Dham is not just a site; it’s an experience. Devotees and pilgrims are captivated not only by the mysterious nature of the farsa but also by the spiritual ambiance and the divine presence that permeates every stone and tree. The significance of this place amplifies during the Sawan season when people from distant places visit, seeking blessings and solace.

Tanginath Dham: Jharkhand's Enigmatic Spiritual Haven

In Conclusion

Tanginath Dham stands as a testament to the mystical charm of Jharkhand, inviting travelers and devotees alike to unravel its enigmatic beauty and experience a profound connection with the divine amidst the serene landscapes of Gumla.

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