होम News Scenic Vistadome Coach Debut: Ranchi-Giridih Intercity Express

Scenic Vistadome Coach Debut: Ranchi-Giridih Intercity Express


Ranchi-Giridih Intercity Express Welcomes Scenic Vistadome Coach: Inaugural Run on September 12″

Introduction: Ranchi: Passengers traveling on the Ranchi-Giridih Intercity Express are in for a delightful treat as a Vistadome coach is set to be added to the train. The grand inaugural run is scheduled for September 12, promising travellers an enchanting journey through picturesque landscapes.

Schedule: The Ranchi-Giridih Intercity Express will kickstart its scenic journey from Ranchi at 7:30 am, making its way to Giridih and arriving at 11:30 am. For the return trip, the train will depart from Giridih at 1:30 pm and gracefully glide back to Ranchi by 5:30 pm.

A Panoramic Experience: The highlight of this new addition is the Vistadome coach, meticulously designed to offer passengers an unparalleled view of the captivating surroundings. Featuring a glass roof and generously sized windows, this coach provides an unobstructed view of the world outside. Whether it’s lush greenery, rolling hills, or charming villages, travelers can immerse themselves in the beauty of the landscape.

Informative Journey: To enhance the travel experience, the Vistadome coach is equipped with a GPS-based information system. Passengers can stay informed about the train’s current location and speed, adding an educational dimension to their journey.

Ticket Pricing: While the Vistadome coach promises an extraordinary travel experience, the fare for this delightful addition has not been finalized yet. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting feature.

Don’t miss the chance to embark on a visually captivating journey aboard the Ranchi-Giridih Intercity Express with the all-new Vistadome coach, set to redefine your travel experience starting September 12!

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