होम News Ranchi Embraces Prepaid Smart Meters for Efficient Energy Management

Ranchi Embraces Prepaid Smart Meters for Efficient Energy Management


In a revolutionary move towards efficient energy management, the Jharkhand Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited (JBVNL) has initiated the installation of prepaid smart meters in households across Ranchi. A total of 1.45 lakh homes have already been equipped with these cutting-edge meters, marking a significant leap in smart energy solutions for the city. Ranchi Embraces Prepaid samrt Meters

Consumers with prepaid smart meters have received their unique account numbers via SMS on their registered mobile numbers. To access their consumption data and monthly bills, consumers can easily register on the JBVNL website’s citizen corner. This digital portal empowers users to monitor their daily energy usage, enabling better control over their electricity expenses.

One of the key features of these prepaid meters is their automatic disconnection mechanism when the account balance hits zero. JBVNL General Manager IT, Sanjay Singh, emphasized the importance of regular recharging to prevent automatic disconnections. He likened the prepaid meter functionality to that of a smartphone, highlighting its efficiency. Recently, approximately 1700 consumers experienced automatic disconnections, underlining the necessity for timely recharges. Consumers are alerted in advance through SMS notifications before disconnection occurs.

Recharging these prepaid smart meters has been made hassle-free. Users can download the JBVNL Consumer Self Care app from the Play Store or opt for convenient recharges through popular platforms like Google Pay and Phone Pe. Additionally, JBVNL’s ATP machines and the official website offer seamless recharge options. By clicking on the quick pay bill/prepaid recharge UPI link, consumers can effortlessly recharge their meters online.

This transformative initiative not only streamlines Ranchi’s energy distribution but also empowers consumers with real-time insights and control over their electricity usage. With the implementation of prepaid smart meters, Ranchi moves one step closer to a sustainable, digitally advanced energy future. Stay tuned for more updates as JBVNL continues to drive innovation in the city’s power sector.

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