होम News ISRO’s Gaganyaan Mission: Anomaly Delays Historic Launch, Investigation Underway

ISRO’s Gaganyaan Mission: Anomaly Delays Historic Launch, Investigation Underway


In a momentous event awaited by space enthusiasts worldwide, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) experienced an unexpected delay in the launch of Gaganyaan’s First Flight Test Vehicle Abort Mission-1 (TV-D1). The launch, which was meticulously planned at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, faced a halt merely five seconds before liftoff on October 21.

Initially scheduled for 8 a.m., the launch was rescheduled to 8:30 a.m., with the mission director initiating the automatic launch sequence. However, the liftoff was rescheduled once again to 8:45 a.m. Yet, in a surprising turn of events, just five seconds before liftoff, the launch was called off due to an anomaly observed by the onboard computer.ISRO’s Gaganyaan Mission

ISRO's Gaganyaan Mission: Anomaly Delays Historic Launch, Investigation Underway

ISRO Chairman S. Somanath expressed that the engine ignition, a critical phase, was disrupted, necessitating a thorough analysis. “We have to find out what went wrong with that. We will come back soon after analyzing what has triggered the automatic launch sequence holding the vehicle,” stated Mr. Somanath, emphasizing the need for comprehensive scrutiny.

Assuring the public, he emphasized the safety of the launch vehicle. “The launch vehicle is safe. We will have to reach the vehicle and look at what has happened. We will find out and understand the anomaly and schedule the launch very soon,” he reassured.

ISRO is now actively engaged in investigating the anomaly to identify the root cause. The space agency plans to announce a new launch date after completing the thorough analysis, ensuring a successful and secure mission for Gaganyaan’s Flight Test Vehicle Abort Mission-1. Stay tuned for updates as ISRO continues its endeavors to unravel the mystery behind the launch anomaly.

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