होम News Jharkhand train accident Jamtara: 12 Lives Lost

Jharkhand train accident Jamtara: 12 Lives Lost


A devastating Jharkhand train accident has struck Jamtara shaking the community to its core. Near Kaljhariya in Jamtara-Karmatand, a train collided with dozens of people, resulting in the loss of 12 lives and leaving several others injured.

Reports suggest that the incident unfolded when a fire broke out on the Ang Express, prompting the train to halt abruptly. In the chaos that ensued, passengers leaped off the train. Meanwhile, another train, traveling from Jhajha to Asansol, collided with them, resulting in the tragic demise of 12 individuals.

This isn’t the first such incident to rock Jharkhand this year. In January, a major accident occurred near Sarai Kela’s Gamharia railway station, claiming the lives of four individuals. The accident occurred as the Utkal Express from Haridwar to Bhubaneswar passed through.

Due to foggy conditions, the victims were unaware of the impending danger as they crossed the railway lines, leading to the collision with the trains. The impact resulted in severe injuries and fatalities.

A similar incident took place last year in Ranchi Mandal, narrowly escaping a major disaster near Gautam Dhara station on September 18. The incident involved the Bankura-Ranchi train crossing a red signal at Gautamdhara station around 12:25 PM. Fortunately, prompt action by the driver averted a catastrophe.

Following the incident, the railway administration took action, removing the locomotive pilot Ashwini Kumar and assistant locomotive pilot from duty at Gautamdhara station.

In a previous incident in May 2021, the engine of the Hatia-Rourkela Passenger train derailed at Kanaro station, causing panic among passengers. Although there were no major casualties, passengers were left shaken. The engine veered off near the southern cabin close to Dev River. Railway authorities swiftly restored the engine to the tracks.

It’s worth noting that after departing from Kanaro station, the engine veered off near the southern cabin, causing the train to enter Dev River after breaking through the slip siding.

The incidents serve as stark reminders of the importance of railway safety and the need for continuous vigilance to prevent such tragedies in the future.

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