होम News Jharkhand Government Announces 90% Rabi Crop Seed Subsidy: Relief for Drought-Affected Farmers

Jharkhand Government Announces 90% Rabi Crop Seed Subsidy: Relief for Drought-Affected Farmers


The Jharkhand government is preparing to grant a 90% subsidy on Rabi crop seeds, which will be a big relief for farmers suffering from repeated years of drought. The application for this allocation has been submitted to the Agriculture Department for approval, providing a ray of hope for the state’s farmers who are suffering from drought for the second year in a row.

Agricultural Growth

The Agriculture Department has forwarded the subsidy proposal to Finance. The idea will be presented in the cabinet meeting once it has been approved. The National Seed Corporation has been directed to supply sufficient quantities of wheat, lentils, and mustard seeds in response to farmer demands. Farmers are expected to begin getting seeds within two weeks. The mobile OTP issued to registered farmers will confirm the entire distribution process.

Transparent Distribution Methodology

The Agriculture Department has designed a mechanism in which seeds would only be given based on registration to maintain transparency and avoid any inconsistencies in seed distribution. Farmers’ information will be cross-checked with the State Seed Centre after receiving the seeds. This careful approach tries to keep precise seed distribution records, providing a clear account of seeds distributed to farmers.

Extra Expenditure and Outreach

A total of 38 crore rupees would be spent on this subsidy project. The plan has been forwarded to the finance department for approval, and once authorised, it will be presented in the cabinet meeting for final approval. Furthermore, negotiations with several institutions are continuing for the supply of chickpea seeds, with the goal of covering about 2.5 lakh hectares of wheat culture and 4 lakh hectares of mustard cultivation in the state.

This action demonstrates the government’s commitment to assisting farmers during difficult times by providing them with the resources they need to maintain their agricultural practises. Stay tuned for more information as this effort unfolds, providing a ray of hope to Jharkhand’s farming community.

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