होम News ICSSR Grants 12 Lakhs for Kolhan University

ICSSR Grants 12 Lakhs for Kolhan University


Kolhan University has secured its maiden research project from the Indian government. The initiative revolves around addressing the issue of employment migration among indigenous people from the Kolhan region. The responsibility of this project has been entrusted to Dr. Sunita Kumari, an Assistant Professor in the Geography department.

The research project, funded with a grant of 12 lakhs from the Indian Council of Social Science and Research (ICSSR), focuses on devising solutions for the livelihood challenges faced by indigenous communities in Kolhan. The project is set to be completed over a span of two years, and its approval has brought national recognition to the university.

University officials have extended their congratulations to Dr. Sunita for the approval of the project. This marks a significant milestone for Kolhan University, being the first of its kind. Additionally, Dr. Sunita is set to earn two academic points, propelling her to the position of Associate Professor.

Kolhan University Initiates Research Process

In accordance with ICSSR’s directives, Kolhan University has initiated the research project process. The university is required to appoint an Associate Professor and two Field Investigators under this project.

The interview for these positions was conducted on Friday, with Dr. Saroj Kumar, Associate Professor at Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribagh, serving as the supervisor. The results of the interview will be uploaded to the university’s website on Saturday.

Why This Project?

The Kolhan region witnesses a significant outflux of indigenous youth, both male and female, seeking employment opportunities. Unfortunately, many fall victim to human trafficking. Dr. Sunita’s chosen subject resonated with the interview panel, as it addresses the critical issue of employment migration and human trafficking. The outcome of this research could potentially pave the way for various government initiatives to curb forced migration for employment.

This marks a remarkable beginning for Kolhan University in the field of research, showcasing its commitment to addressing societal challenges and contributing to meaningful solutions.

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