होम News Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s Today meetings in Ranchi and Chatra

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s Today meetings in Ranchi and Chatra


Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is set to hold Today meetings with party officials in Ranchi and Chatra regarding the Lok Sabha elections on Friday. Mr. Singh will arrive at Birsa Munda Airport at 12:00 PM on Friday. From there, he will depart by helicopter straight to Itkhori, Chatra. After offering prayers at the Bhadrakali Temple, he will participate in the BJP workers’ convention organized in Chatra. At 3:30 PM, Mr. Singh will return to the capital by helicopter. He will then engage in discussions at the Cornival Banquet Hall with state officials, the election management committees of Ranchi and Lohardaga Lok Sabha constituencies, core committee members, and coordinators.

Chatra and Palamu have been scheduled

Prior to this, meetings with members of the election management committees of Chatra and Palamu have been scheduled. He will depart for Delhi at 5:00 PM. The preparations by the state BJP for the Defense Minister’s program have been completed. The country’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will arrive in Itkhori on March 15. The arrangements for his arrival are complete, where he will offer prayers at the Bhadrakali Temple and then address the booth-level meeting.

On the other hand, the ticket for the Chatra Lok Sabha constituency has not been confirmed yet, leading people to speculate on Rajnath Singh’s preferences. Party workers are also in a state of uncertainty.

NSG Team Arrives for Continued Security

The NSG team remains fully alert regarding the security of the Defense Minister. Officers of the NSG team assessed the situation on Thursday as well. Multiple layers of security arrangements will be in place. According to information, there will be restrictions on public movements until the Minister’s visit concludes.

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