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Chhat Pooja 2023


Chhat Pooja, a celebration that transcends generations, is set to paint the town with vibrant hues in 2023. As we gear up for this auspicious festival, let’s delve into the rich tapestry of Chhat Pooja, exploring its history, traditions, and the burst of colors that define its essence.

Chhat Pooja 2023

Chhath Puja Calendar 2023

  • First Day of Chhath Puja: Nahay-Khay on 17th November, Friday
  • Second Day of Chhath Puja: Kharna (Lohanda) on 18th November, Saturday
  • Third Day of Chhath Puja: Chhath Puja, Sandhya Arghya on 19th November, Sunday
  • Fourth Day of Chhath Puja: Offering Arghya to the Rising Sun, Parana on 20th November, Monday

Initiation with Nahay-Khay This fast is considered very challenging, adhering to strict rules for up to 36 hours. Those observing the Chhath Puja fast keep a non-grain fast for more than twenty-four hours. The main fast of this festival is observed on the sixth day, but the Chhath Puja festivities begin on the fourth day of the bright fortnight of Kartik month, concluding after offering Arghya at sunrise on the seventh day.

Kharna 2023 Date Kharna, also known as Lohanda, is the second day of Chhath Puja. This year, Kharna falls on 18th November. The sunrise on this day will be at 06:46 AM, and the sunset will be at 05:26 PM.

Chhath Puja 2023 Evening Arghya Timing The third day of Chhath Puja involves the evening Arghya. On this day, the main worship of Chhath Puja takes place. Devotees and their families gather at the ghats, offering Arghya to the setting sun. This year, the evening Arghya for Chhath Puja will be given on 19th November. The sunset on 19th November will be at 05:26 PM.

Timing for Offering Arghya to the Rising Sun on the Fourth Day The fourth day marks the end of the Chhath Puja festival. On this day, Arghya is offered to the rising sun, and the fast is concluded. This year, the Arghya to the rising sun will be offered on 20th November. On this day, the sunrise will be at 06:47 AM.

Chhat Pooja 2023

Chhath Puja Vrat Katha 2022: The Stories Behind the Celebration

Chhat Pooja 2023

Raja Priyamvad and Malini’s Tale: According to ancient scriptures, King Priyamvad faced the agony of childlessness. To seek progeny, Sage Kashyap conducted a yajna, and Malini, Priyamvad’s wife, was offered a special rice pudding as a sacrificial offering. This ritual led to the birth of a son, but tragically, the child died soon after. During the funeral, the divine presence of Goddess Devsena manifested, attributing her existence to the sixth part of the creation. She urged the king to worship her, initiating the tradition of Chhath Puja [1].

Lord Rama’s Sun Worship: After the triumph over Lanka, Lord Rama and Goddess Sita observed a fast on Kartik Shukla Shashti, offering prayers to the Sun God for his blessings. They recommenced this practice on the seventh day, gaining divine benedictions. This tradition has endured, becoming an integral part of Chhath Puja .

Karna Initiates Sun Worship: During the Mahabharata era, the great warrior Karna commenced the worship of Lord Surya, establishing the roots of Chhath Puja. Karna’s profound devotion to Surya led to his unparalleled prowess. The tradition of offering arghya (water oblation) during Chhath symbolizes this deep-seated reverence .

Pandavas Regain Their Kingdom: Legend has it that Draupadi, after losing her kingdom in a game of dice, observed Chhath Puja, leading to the restoration of the Pandavas’ sovereignty. The festival is celebrated to honor the bond between Surya and Chhathi Maiya, treated as siblings in this context, making Sun worship integral to Chhath Puja .

Chhat Pooja Traditions and Perplexity

Delve into the intricate traditions of Chhat Pooja, navigating through the perplexities in rituals. Balancing tradition with contemporary values, this section explores the nuanced aspects of the celebration.

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