होम News Shocking Impact of Air Pollution on Jharkhand Residents

Shocking Impact of Air Pollution on Jharkhand Residents


Breaking News: Air Pollution Slashing Life Expectancy in Jharkhand by Nearly Six Years

In a recent report released by the Energy Policy Institute, University of Chicago (EPIC), shocking revelations about the dire consequences of air pollution have emerged. The study, utilizing the Air Quality Life Index (AQLI), has shed light on the severe impact of particulate matter pollution on the residents of Jharkhand, India.

Jharkhand’s Grim Reality

According to the report, Jharkhand is grappling with an alarming average annual PM2.5 concentration of 66.9 micrograms per cubic meter. This staggering figure surpasses the safe limit recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) by over six times. What this means is that individuals born in Jharkhand today can anticipate a life expectancy reduction of 5.7 years compared to regions where air quality complies with WHO guidelines.

The State’s Alarming Ranking

Further analysis in the report reveals that Jharkhand ranks fifth among Indian states concerning mortality linked to pollution. Shockingly, the year 2020 witnessed a devastating 1.2 lakh deaths in Jharkhand attributed to PM2.5 exposure.

Northern India Faces Imminent Threat

The EPIC report also sounds an urgent alarm for northern India as a whole. It warns that if pollution levels persist at their current rates, a staggering 510 million residents in this region will collectively lose an average of 8.5 years in life expectancy. This is a crisis of unprecedented proportions.

A Call to Action

The gravity of the situation is undeniable, but there is hope. The report emphasizes that reducing pollution levels can yield remarkable benefits for both public health and economic growth in India. The time for action is now, as Jharkhand and the entire northern region grapple with this existential threat.

Stay tuned for more updates on this unfolding crisis as efforts to combat air pollution intensify

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