होम News ‘Seetee Bajao School Bulao’ campaign by Jharkhand Education Project Council

‘Seetee Bajao School Bulao’ campaign by Jharkhand Education Project Council


“Jharkhand Education Project Council is set to embark on a unique initiative named ‘Seetee Bajao, School Bulao’ as part of its efforts to rejuvenate government schools across the state. Education Secretary K Ravikumar is personally leading this transformative campaign, underlining the seriousness and commitment with which the program is being implemented.

Already making waves under the name ‘Seetee Bajao, Upasthiti Badhao’ in Simdega district, the campaign has emerged as a symbol of success, showcasing a significant increase in student attendance and the cultivation of leadership skills among the youth. Encouraged by its success, the Education Department is gearing up to extend the program statewide. Badal Raj, the state officer overseeing the campaign, emphasizes its cost-effectiveness and the myriad of positive outcomes it brings.

As part of the initiative, every child in each village is provided with a whistle and tasked with bringing 20 to 25 children to school. Led by a designated monitor in each village, students wearing school uniforms blow whistles while heading to school at 8 in the morning. This serves as a signal to parents that the school is open, encouraging them to send their children. The whistle acts as an alarm in rural areas, prompting both parents and children to prepare for school.

The campaign has proven effective in curbing excuses like school closures, fostering a sense of responsibility among students. Those entrusted with the whistle-taking responsibility also develop strong management and leadership skills. Parents recognize them as conduits for school-related information. Moreover, these students become representatives of their peers in the villages.

To further enhance student engagement, each school divides its students into four houses, with the captain of each house equipped with a whistle. Additionally, class monitors are also provided with whistles as part of this innovative campaign.”

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