होम Sports ‘Jharkhand’s Khelo’ Jharkhand Initiative to Host State-Level Squash Competition

‘Jharkhand’s Khelo’ Jharkhand Initiative to Host State-Level Squash Competition


State-Level Squash Competition to Promote Talent Underway in Jharkhand

In a bid to foster and identify emerging squash talent within the state, the Jharkhand Squash Association (JSA) is set to host a prestigious state-level squash competition at the Ranchi Club on September 29th, 2023. This initiative falls under the umbrella of “Khelo Jharkhand” and receives active support from the Department of Sports and Youth Affairs.{‘Jharkhand’s Khelo’}

The competition, which is generating buzz among sports enthusiasts, aims to bolster the popularity of squash as a competitive sport within Jharkhand while simultaneously identifying and nurturing promising players from the region.

Four Thrilling Categories

The state-level squash championship will feature four exciting categories: boys under-15, boys under-19, girls under-15, and girls under-19. These categories promise intense competition, providing participants with a unique platform to showcase their skills and passion for squash.

Exciting Prizes Await

Winners in each category will not only earn the coveted title but will also be rewarded with cash prizes and certificates, adding an extra layer of motivation to the competition. Furthermore, participants will have the exceptional opportunity to engage with and learn from accomplished national-level squash players and seasoned coaches who will grace the event with their presence.

Calling All Enthusiasts

To ensure maximum participation, the JSA has extended a warm invitation to squash enthusiasts from every nook and cranny of Jharkhand. They anticipate a spirited response from individuals eager to make their mark in the world of squash.

Key Details for Aspiring Participants

For those keen to participate, it’s crucial to note that the last date for registration is September 25th, 2023. To secure a spot in this thrilling competition, players are required to pay a nominal entry fee of Rs. 500. For additional information and registration details, interested players are encouraged to reach out to Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Secretary of the Jharkhand Squash Association, at 9431177888.

The stage is set for a squash showdown like no other, as Jharkhand gears up to unearth its squash prodigies and celebrate the sport’s growth within the state. Stay tuned for more updates as the competition date draws near.

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