होम News Jharkhand Government Announces 250Rs Per Quintal Hike in Paddy Rates

Jharkhand Government Announces 250Rs Per Quintal Hike in Paddy Rates


Jharkhand government has announced its plans to commence paddy procurement from farmers starting December 28. This year, farmers can rejoice as they will receive an additional INR 250 per quintal for their paddy compared to the rates offered last year. The procurement process will span across the state, with over 600 centers established for this purpose. Dr. Rameshwar Uraon, the Food Supply Minister of Jharkhand, shared this information with the media.

It has been disclosed that this time, farmers selling paddy at government centers will receive 50% of the total amount immediately on the spot, while the remaining sum will be disbursed after the paddy reaches mills. The government aims to procure 60 lakh quintals of paddy across the entire state. Procurement centers have been set up in all 24 districts of the state, and each registered farmer can sell a maximum of 200 quintals of paddy. The government has fixed the base price of common variety paddy at INR 2183. Additionally, the state government will provide an extra bonus of INR 117 per quintal. This translates to farmers receiving INR 2300 per quintal of paddy.

Comparatively, last year, farmers were paid INR 2025 per quintal for paddy, including the bonus. To ensure the prompt payment of 50% of the amount alongside paddy procurement, the Jharkhand State Food Corporation will secure a loan of INR 1000 crores. The government has also deployed magistrates to guarantee the smooth functioning of the procurement centers. In a notable decision, the government has approved an incentive of INR 60 per quintal for rice millers this year, as sanctioned in the budget.

This strategic move by the Jharkhand government not only aims to support farmers but also ensures the seamless operation of procurement centers. As the state looks forward to bolstering its agricultural sector, this initiative is poised to uplift the livelihoods of farmers and contribute to the overall economic development of Jharkhand.

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