होम News Direct Ranchi to Goa Flights Commence Amid High Demand

Direct Ranchi to Goa Flights Commence Amid High Demand


Direct Ranchi to Goa

For those planning to celebrate New Year in Goa from the capital city of Ranchi, there is a significant piece of good news from the airline sector. Last year, a direct flight from Ranchi to Goa was announced, but it couldn’t commence. However, the commencement of this flight has been initiated since the last week of December. Advance bookings for the flight are also underway.

Pradeep, the operator of Tour and Travel in Harmu, Ranchi, revealed that the direct flight to Goa has commenced since the last week of December, and people are actively making bookings. However, presently, individuals planning to visit Goa for New Year will have to incur higher expenses as New Year celebrations attract a considerable number of people to plan a trip to Goa. The ticket prices have surged to as high as INR 15,000 by the last week of December.

On regular days, the ticket prices range from INR 6,000 to 7,000. Still, during the peak New Year period, the costs have skyrocketed due to the high demand. Although there is also a train available for Goa, it operates only one day a week and travels via Ranchi to Vasco da Gama.

Furthermore, the waiting list for this train extends up to 90. Pradeep mentioned that not only for Goa, but people are also heading to Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi for New Year celebrations. The flight fares for these routes are also soaring high. In the last week of December, the rent for Kolkata is around INR 8,000, for Mumbai, it goes up to INR 15,000, for Bengaluru, it reaches INR 11,000, and for Delhi, it has surged to INR 7,000.

It’s evident that the festive season and New Year peak times are significantly impacting travel costs, making it a pricey affair for those planning to usher in the New Year in their preferred destinations.

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