होम News Combatting Filariasis: Night Blood Survey Initiative Takes Stride Towards Disease-Free

Combatting Filariasis: Night Blood Survey Initiative Takes Stride Towards Disease-Free


In a proactive move to eliminate filariasis, a parasitic disease transmitted by mosquitoes, a night blood survey campaign has been initiated in the khunti ,district. This strategic endeavor aims to collect blood samples from individuals residing in selected villages during the nighttime hours. The collected samples will undergo rigorous testing to identify filariasis cases, facilitating timely treatment and ultimately leading to a filariasis-free district.

Under this initiative, night blood survey camps were established in Chamratoli and Gamharia villages of Murhu block on Wednesday. The campaign, starting at 8 pm and continuing late into the night, targets the collection of 500 blood samples from two villages every day. Civil Surgeon Dr N Manjhi highlighted the importance of this nocturnal approach, emphasizing that filariasis parasites are active primarily during nighttime, ensuring accurate and precise results.{Combatting Filariasis}

Dr Manjhi elaborated on the process, indicating that the survey identifies filariasis-affected areas and collects blood samples during the night. These samples are then sent to laboratories, where the presence of filariasis parasites is detected. Successful identification enables appropriate treatment, leading to the recovery of affected individuals. The ultimate goal is to treat filariasis patients effectively and eradicate this infectious disease from the district.

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