होम News BJP’s Grand Celebration for Baba Tilka Manjhi’s Birth Anniversary in Ranchi

BJP’s Grand Celebration for Baba Tilka Manjhi’s Birth Anniversary in Ranchi


On February 11, the BJP is set to organize a significant event in Ranchi to commemorate the birth anniversary of Baba Tilka Manjhi, a hero of the Pahadiya community. Thousands from across the country are expected to attend this event.

Key Points:

1. BJP’s Message Through Mega Event: The BJP aims to convey a powerful message through this event, with reports suggesting that Home Minister Amit Shah might be the chief guest. The party seeks to honor and celebrate the contributions of Baba Tilka Manjhi to society.

2. PM Modi’s Tribute on Tribal Pride Day: On November 15, 2023, during Tribal Pride Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Ulihatu village, Bhagwan Birsa Munda’s village in Khunti district, as part of his commitment to announce projects worth thousands of crores for the tribal community nationwide.

3. BJP’s Recognition of Tribal Heroes: The Bharatiya Janata Party is actively working on plans to honor other tribal leaders. The party has already sent a strong message by appointing Draupadi Murmu, the Governor of Odisha, as the President, emphasizing the importance of tribal representation.

4. Tilka Manjhi’s Legacy: Baba Tilka Manjhi holds the distinction of being the first tribal rebel in the history of India’s colonial wars. In 1778, he joined Pahadiya leaders to liberate the Ramgarh camp from the British. In 1784, he defeated British officer Cleveland, but later, Captain Ayerkut’s army captured him, dragging him to Bhagalpur bound to four horses.

As we celebrate Baba Tilka Manjhi’s legacy, the BJP continues its efforts to acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of tribal leaders, reinforcing the importance of their role in shaping our nation’s history.

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