होम News Jharkhand Finance Department Revamps Salaries for Appointed Officials

Jharkhand Finance Department Revamps Salaries for Appointed Officials


Salary Adjustments Take Effect: Pending Payments Cleared in Two Phases

The Finance Department has officially announced a significant update in the salaries of appointed officials, marking a crucial step in accordance with the directives of the Jharkhand High Court and the advice of the Advocate General. The latest notification indicates that the revised salaries are now in effect, accompanied by a strategic plan to disburse pending payments in two instalments.

“Key Changes in Approved Salaries: INR 6500-10500 Upgraded to INR 8000-13500”

In a noteworthy move, the approved salary range for appointed officials has been revised from INR 6500-10500 to INR 8000-13500. This substantial adjustment is set to benefit officials, with the actual implementation starting from November 15, 2000. The tangible advantages of this revision will be realized from March 1, 2007.

“Sixth Pay Scale Modification: Pay Band-2 Adjusted to INR 9300-34800 with Grade Pay 5400”

Under the sixth pay scale, the Finance Department initially placed appointed officials in Pay Band-2 with a Grade Pay of 4800. However, in the latest revision, their salary in Pay Band-2 has been further upgraded to INR 9300-34800 with a Grade Pay of 5400.

“Pending Payments Strategy: Two-Phase Disbursement”

The issued order emphasizes a meticulous approach to clear pending payments for appointed officials. The disbursement will occur in two phases, with the first instalment scheduled for the current financial year and the second instalment set for the next financial year.

This comprehensive update ensures that appointed officials in Jharkhand are well-informed about the recent changes in their salary structure and the systematic processing of pending payments.

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