होम News Surviving the Storm: Surat Diamond Industry Battles Economic crisis

Surviving the Storm: Surat Diamond Industry Battles Economic crisis


Amidst the gleaming legacy of Surat diamond industry lies a tale of hardship and resilience. The city, renowned for its diamond polishing and cutting prowess, now faces the shadow of an economic crisis compounded by the pandemic’s impact. Surat, responsible for 90% of the world’s diamond processing, has witnessed a bleak scene unfold as thousands of workers grapple with job losses and pay cuts. The once-bustling workshops now stand silent, and desolate streets bear witness to the exodus of laborers retreating to their native villages in Gujarat and beyond.

The reverberations of this downturn are not limited to the diamond sector alone. The ripple effect engulfs various domains like textiles, food, transport, and entertainment, all experiencing a slump in demand. As the heart of commerce and trade feels the strain, local traders and businessmen harbor hopes of a revival during the upcoming festive season. Yet, they remain vigilant, knowing that the challenges posed by the global market and health uncertainties loom large.

In the face of adversity, Surat’s spirit endures. The city’s diamond industry, like the gems it refines, is resilient. And as the world gradually finds its footing again, Surat awaits the spark that will reignite its brilliance

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