होम News Jharkhand Gears Up for Word Power Championship: Boosting English Skills in Government...

Jharkhand Gears Up for Word Power Championship: Boosting English Skills in Government Schools


Jharkhand Gears Up for Word Power Championship: Boosting English Skills in Government Schools

In a bid to enhance the English language proficiency of government school students from class II to VIII, the Jharkhand Education Project Council (JEPC) is all set to host the Word Power Championship in November. This event, generously supported by Leap Forward, aims to sharpen students’ reading, comprehension, and spelling skills. The response has been overwhelming, with over 1.74 lakh students and 28,000 teachers enthusiastically registering for the championship. Moreover, students from class VI to VIII can look forward to a rewarding program.

The teachers will undergo a structured three-phase training process, which includes registration, a comprehensive 90-minute session, and a thorough assessment. Those teachers who achieve a commendable score of three stars or more will be duly recognized for their proficiency in teaching English. Meanwhile, students will have the privilege of accessing tailored, grade-specific lessons for a period of 60 days, absolutely free of cost. These lessons will be readily available on the user-friendly Diksha app, supplemented by online materials to facilitate a seamless learning experience.

The Word Power Championship is strategically divided into three phases to cater to varying proficiency levels. Students in class II and III will embark on an elementary reading course in English, while those in class IV and V will delve into a more advanced reading curriculum. Students in class VI and VII will undertake an elementary advanced comprehensive course. Each of these courses is thoughtfully designed to expand students’ vocabulary and elevate their language skills.

Mukesh Barnawal, the state program officer of Leap Forward, passionately emphasizes that the Word Power Championship is a transformative initiative. It is poised to equip Jharkhand’s students with robust English language skills, thereby unlocking new avenues for academic and professional growth. This progressive move has garnered praise from parents like Anamika Sharma, who recognize the significance of English proficiency in today’s fiercely competitive world.

As the Word Power Championship draws near, it holds the promise of not just enhancing linguistic abilities but also fostering a brighter future for the students of Jharkhand.

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