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“Jadugoda” Wins International Acclaim: Best Short Fiction Film at Rio de Janeiro Festival

Satish Munda’s film "Jadugoda" has gained international recognition, winning the Best Short Fiction Film award at a film festival in Rio de Janeiro, Africa."Jadugoda"...

Kalpana Soren Takes Oath as Jharkhand MLA after Defeating Dilip Verma

June 10, Kalpana Soren will be sworn in as a member of the Jharkhand Assembly. Kalpana Soren, the wife of Chief Minister Hemant Soren...

Sanjay Seth Appointed Minister of State

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the oath for his third term, along with 69 MPs who were sworn in as Cabinet Ministers, Ministers of...

Annapurna Devi took the oath as a Cabinet Minister in the Modi Cabinet.

Annapurna Devi has been elected from the Koderma Lok Sabha constituency and has returned to Parliament. This time, she defeated Vinod Singh, the CPI...

Jharkhand’s First International Weightlifter Babulal Hembrom Wins Bronze in Peru

Babulal Hembrom, the first weightlifter from Jharkhand to participate in an international competition, has won two bronze medals in Peru. He is currently training...

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