India's Potential Name Change: 'Bharat'

Welcome to the story of India's possible name change to "Bharat." Explore the controversy surrounding this debate

A Rich Cultural Heritage 

India boasts a rich cultural heritage with over 20 official languages. Discover the historical background of India's dual names, "India" and "Bharat. 

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The Debate Begins 

The controversy ignited when the G20 summit invitations referred to India as "Bharat." Understand the significance of this choice at the international event

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Arguments for and Against 

Listen to voices from both sides of the debate. Explore why some support the name change to "Bharat" and why others vehemently oppose it

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What Lies Ahead? 

Summing it up, consider the key arguments and questions that linger. What does the future hold for India's official name? Explore this complex issue further.