होम News Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 29March

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 29March


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1.Project Impact:To improve the quality of government schools in Jharkhand

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 29March

In an effort to raise the standard of instruction in Jharkhand’s public schools, departmental action will be taken against principals and teachers who fail to complete the “Project Impact” assessment forms. Their salaries will also be deducted. Aditya Ranjan, the State Education Project Director, made this announcement at the Project Impact review meeting.

Aditya Ranjan brought up the fact that completing the Project Impact assessment sheet is more than just a formality during the meeting. Ensuring that schools establish an environment that aligns with the standards outlined in the assessment sheet is crucial. Schools must prioritize extracurricular activities in addition to academics. A team operating at the state level will begin comprehensive inspections of every school in the state in May.

2.AI Is Applied for the First Time in Jharkhand Case Solving

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 29March

AI was used to solve a case for the first time. The Jharkhand Police in Ranchi, the state capital, used this technological innovation. The case concerned a woman who was discovered dead in the Ranchi neighborhood of Kanke.The police collected evidence and analyzed the crime scene using AI technology in an effort to solve this case.This was the first time artificial intelligence was used to support a criminal investigation in Jharkhand.The investigating officers were able to gain important insights from the AI system’s rapid processing and analysis of a large amount of data. This creative strategy made it possible for the police to compile vital evidence and advance the case. Officials claim that the AI system helped the police focus their investigation by pointing out important connections and patterns in the evidence. The state’s ability to enforce the law has advanced significantly as a result of this technological application. The potential advantages of utilizing cuttingedge technology in criminal investigations are illustrated by this case study’s effective application of AI technology. It demonstrates how artificial intelligence (AI) can help law enforcement organizations analyze complicated data and facilitate effective crime solving.

3.Odisha’s Governor Raghuvar Das will visit Jharkhand today

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 29March

Raghuvar Das, the governor of Odisha, is going to Jharkhand today. The Purushottam Express train carrying him will arrive at Tatanagar Station on Friday. Following that, he will head to his home in Agrico. The governor will spend two or three days in the city. It’s important to note that Raghuvir Das calls Jamshedpur home. He has also held the position of Jharkhand’s Chief Minister.Every time he travels to Jamshedpur, he frequently attends a variety of events there.

4.BJP MP Ramtahal Choudhary join Congress

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 29March

On Thursday, Ranchi former BJP MP Ramtahal Choudhary finally made an official visit to the Congress headquarters to join the party. On Wednesday, Choudhary also went to the Congress headquarters, but he was told to wait a day.

Choudhary has reportedly joined the party without waiting to receive a ticket, according to insiders. Gulam Ahmad Mir, the state Congress chief, stated that Choudhary’s decision to join the Congress was influenced by Rahul Gandhi’s “Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra.”

Choudhary has served as a member of parliament five times and as a local MLA twice. In the presence of his longtime rival Subodh Kant Sahay, Choudhary announced his decision to join the Congress after serving as the Ranchi Lok Sabha constituency’s representative in 1991, 1996, 1998, 1999, and 2014.

5.Rain once again in Jharkhand

Jharkhand’s Top 5 News Of 29March

There are indications of rain once more, Jharkhand. The weather service reports that on Friday, light to moderate rainfall is expected throughout the state, with the exception of the eastern distric. In the meantime, Ranchi had a full day of bright sunshine. In Daltonganj, the highest recorded temperature was 38.2 degrees, while in Lohardaga, the lowest recorded temperature was 16.2 degrees. A monsoon trough is presently moving through Jharkhand and into Assam, according to weather scientist Abhishek Anand of the Ranchi Meteorological Center. As a result, today’s rainfall in the state might be light to moderate. The people will get some relief from the heat thanks to this. Nonetheless, there won’t be much rain and it will mostly fall during the day.

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