होम News Jharkhand Weather: Rising Heat Wave, Temperature Crosses 38°C

Jharkhand Weather: Rising Heat Wave, Temperature Crosses 38°C


Heat Takes a Toll on People

Daltongunj Records 38.5°C Temperature

After the Holi festival, Jharkhand has been witnessing a rise in heat wave conditions. On Thursday, Jamshedpur recorded a temperature of 38.3°C, while Daltongunj registered a scorching 38.5°C, making it the second hottest place in the state. The intense heat has taken a toll on the people.

Crowds Flock to Cool Drink Stalls

The heat wave began early in the morning itself. As a result, fewer vehicles were seen on the roads during the afternoon hours. People flocked to cool drink stalls to beat the heat. Sugarcane juice, sattu (roasted gram flour drink), and mango juice stalls witnessed large crowds.

Schoolchildren Bear the Brunt

Schoolchildren were among the worst affected by the heat wave. They appeared exhausted due to the scorching temperatures. Many children were sweating even before reaching school.

Cloudy Weather in Some Parts, Sunny in Others

Possibility of Clouds in Chaibasa and Saraikela

On Friday, Chaibasa and Saraikela regions may experience partly cloudy conditions. During this period, there is also a possibility of thunderstorms or dust storms in some areas.

Partly Cloudy in Koderma, Dry Weather Persists

Koderma may also witness partly cloudy skies, but the weather is expected to remain dry.

Temperature Expected to Rise by 2-3°C

Over the next two days, many parts of Jharkhand may experience a rise in temperature by 2-3°C.

Sunny Weather in Palamu, Garhwa, and Latehar

Palamu, Garhwa, and Latehar districts will experience sunny weather on Friday, with temperatures expected to rise further.

Normal Weather in Chatra, Intense Sunshine

Chatra will have normal weather conditions on Friday, but intense sunshine is expected. Wind speeds may be slightly higher than normal.

Combating the Heat Wave

Increase Water Intake

During hot weather, the body tends to lose water rapidly. It is crucial to increase water intake to stay hydrated. Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water per day is recommended.

Dress Accordingly

Paying attention to clothing is essential during the summer months. Light-colored and lightweight fabrics should be preferred to keep the body cool.

Stay in the Shade

To avoid direct exposure to the sun, it is advisable to stay in the shade as much as possible. Carrying an umbrella or a hat when stepping out can also be helpful.


Q1: When did the heat wave conditions start in Jharkhand?
A: The heat wave conditions in Jharkhand began after the Holi festival.

Q2: Which city in Jharkhand recorded the highest temperature?
A: Daltongunj recorded the highest temperature of 38.5°C.

Q3: Where did people flock to beat the heat?
A: People flocked to cool drink stalls to beat the heat.

Q4: Who were the worst affected by the heat wave?
A: Schoolchildren were among the worst affected by the heat wave.

Q5: What measures can be taken to combat the heat wave?
A: Increasing water intake, wearing lightweight clothing, and staying in the shade are effective measures to combat the heat wave.

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