होम News Jharkhand Intermediate Exam Math Paper Leaked

Jharkhand Intermediate Exam Math Paper Leaked


In a shocking revelation, the math question paper for the Intermediate exam was leaked precisely at 1:32 PM on Wednesday by the Jack Inter Telegram group admin. This information was disclosed by the group admin on Tuesday, demanding ₹800 from members.

The question paper, leaked from an exam center, mirrors the paper distributed during the exam. The group comprises students from various districts of Jharkhand. Typically, students enter the exam hall well before the scheduled time. However, due to prior knowledge of the leaked paper, several students arrived slightly late on Wednesday.

Alongside the leaked questions, answers to many queries were also shared on this group. Some students, post-exam, found that the questions in the leaked paper were exactly the same as those in the exam hall.

Lack of Monitoring in the Telegram Group

It’s known that prior to this, the same Telegram group leaked Physics and Biology question papers. Concerning this matter, a letter was submitted on Tuesday by the All Jharkhand Students’ Union to concerned authorities, including local officials.

Despite this, neither local officials nor Jack administrators seem to be monitoring this Telegram group. Continuous leaks of Intermediate question papers are occurring, yet no action has been taken. However, very few students are being informed about these leaks in a timely manner.

Unanswered Questions

The bigger question looming is why an investigation regarding the Telegram group admins has not been initiated. Admins are now blatantly releasing question papers. Silence prevails from Jack authorities to local officials on this issue.

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