होम Politics Ghatsila Candidacy: Balmuchu’s Bold Move

Ghatsila Candidacy: Balmuchu’s Bold Move


Pradeep Kumar Balmuchu, the national vice president of the Adivasi Congress and the former president of the Pradesh Congress, is expressing displeasure with the NDA alliance’s seat formula. Balmuchu declared that they should remain in the traditional sitting position, with the exception of the Singhbhum seat{Ghatsila Candidacy}. He went on, “I was very firm on this matter.”

He continued, “We should not leave the traditional sitting seat at any cost.” Our traditional seat, Singhbhum, is one over which we have a strong claim. He seemed resigned in front of them, saying, “I don’t know under what pressure Alakaman is” (Jharkhand Mukti Morcha – JMM). “From the information I am getting, Singhbhum and Jamshedpur seats have been taken by JMM.We have the seat in Chakradharpur, Pradeep BalmuchuBalmuchu said that they would talk about this when they get to Delhi. He underlined, “Our seat in Chakradharpur is ours.” “People in charge of the seat formula, who report to the state’s highest leadership, are making a mistake. Alakaman has not received accurate information. We shouldn’t make so many concessions.”

“Alright, we’ll leave it, but in the 6 assembly constituencies of Singhbhum, will they share it half and half in those assembly elections?” asked him. “We’ll let Congress handle it. Since we left more space for JMM to form the government, it seems that it has more members in the assembly. Balmuchu Declares He Will Run for Office from Ghatsila
Balmuchu declared he would run for office from Ghatsila. “If my seating can be taken in the Lok Sabha, then why can’t I leave my seat in the Vidhan Sabha?” he asked. Balmuchu, meanwhile, declared that he would run for office from Ghatsila.

“We will make every effort to ensure the victory of the Mahagathbandhan candidate in the Lok Sabha,” he declared. Together, we will fight the elections with all of our might.

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