होम News Gas Cylinder Price Reduction

Gas Cylinder Price Reduction


Beginning of May brings good news as oil companies have reduced the prices of gas cylinders on Wednesday, May 1st. Amidst rising prices, this comes as a relief for the public. It’s the second consecutive month where oil companies have provided relief to their customers.

Gas Cylinder Prices Decrease:

Prices of commercial gas cylinders have been reduced by up to 19 to 20 rupees. The new rates will be effective from today.According to oil companies, the prices of commercial gas cylinders in the capital, New Delhi, have been reduced by approximately 19 rupees from May 1st. The new rate is now 1745.50 rupees, down from 1764.50 rupees previously.Previous Month’s Price Cuts: In April, oil companies also reduced the prices of commercial gas cylinders. In the national capital New Delhi, the prices of 19 kg gas cylinders were reduced by 30.50 rupees to 1764.50 rupees. Similar reductions were made in Kolkata and Mumbai. Oil companies have not made any changes to the prices of domestic gas cylinders. There has been no cut in the prices of 14.2 kg cylinders. Earlier, the Modi government had announced a 100 rupee reduction for Ujjwala scheme beneficiaries.

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