होम News Changes in Weather Across Jharkhand, Including the Capital Ranchi

Changes in Weather Across Jharkhand, Including the Capital Ranchi


Dry Weather Expected on April 9th and 11th

Changes in Weather During this period, there’s a chance of rainfall with thunderstorms. Following that, the weather is expected to become dry on April 9th and 11th. Additionally, light rainfall is possible on April 10th and 12th. In Ranchi and surrounding districts, there might be rainfall with thunderstorms in several places on April 8th and 9th.

Changes in Weather Across Jharkhand, Including the Capital Ranchi

Wind Speeds and Weather Alerts

During this time, there are indications of winds blowing at speeds of 30 to 40 kilometers per hour. Concerning this, the Weather Department has also issued a yellow alert. On April 9th, a yellow alert has been issued for the southern parts of the state, namely eastern and western Singhbhum, Simdega, and Saraikela Kharsawan, due to the possibility of thunderstorms with lightning.

Recent Weather Conditions

Looking at the weather in the past 24 hours, there was light rainfall in some parts of the state. The highest rainfall was 3.8 millimeters in Gurabanda, East Singhbhum. Meanwhile, in the southern parts of the state, the impact of a heatwave was observed.

The highest maximum temperature recorded was 43.6 degrees Celsius in Saraikela Kharsawan, while the lowest minimum temperature was 23.2 degrees Celsius in Chaibasa. Speaking of the capital Ranchi, the maximum was recorded at 38.5 degrees Celsius and the minimum at 23.3 degrees Celsius.

These weather changes bring a mix of expectations and preparations for the residents of Jharkhand, particularly as the state heads towards potential rainfall and thunderstorms in the coming days.

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